Photo of the Giant Squid Washed on Santa Monica Beach Just Another Hoax

The photo is a satirical joke taken out of proportion

A picture of a giant squid that allegedly washed ashore on the Santa Monica coast line in California has been making its way all over the media and networking sites.    

Inevitably, if you've accessed your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other account lately, you must have seen the shocking photo. If not, just take a look, does that seem real? No, it doesn't.

The squid was rumored to measure 160 feet (49 meters) and allegedly originated from the polluted waters near Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Plant, but somehow ended up in California.

The Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Plant was the scene of a horrific nuclear accident back in March of 2011, when it was hit by an earthquake and a subsequent tsunami that triggered severe equipment failure and eventually a complete meltdown.

Massive amounts of nuclear material spilled and so, in a way, it makes sense to assume that all the pollution might have affected marine ecosystems, giving rise to true monsters like this alleged giant squid. Except it didn't.

This viral photo was posted by satirical website Lightly Braised Turnip in an article talking about radioactivity-caused mutations and was just another fake story of creepy creatures.

The biggest squid ever to be reported was found in Spain in October 2013, on the shore of La Arena beach in Cantabria and measured 30 feet (9 meters).

The fictional humor used to describe the outrageously large squid was taken out of proportion and turned into yet another Internet hoax using a poorly Photoshopped picture.

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