Photo of the Day: Zombified Iron Man

Because zombies are the new vampires, Marvel superhero also gets in with the times

Without a doubt, zombies are the new vampires, which is only a delicate way of saying that we’re having a zombie outbreak in all media. Marvel’s Iron Man has also gotten in with the times, as the photo above will confirm.

In today’s Photo of the Day post I’m showing you once more why the Internet is such an awesome invention – not that you didn’t know already.

This is how Iron Man would look like if he ever turned into a zombie. Of course, you and I know that this could never happen because he’s basically a machine, but just go with the flow for a bit, while you enjoy the awesome pictures.

Click on the image above to see it in full. Fashionably Geek has more.

The zombiefied Iron Man is cosplayed by Kyosti Kallio and photographed by Adam Jay.

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