Photo of the Day: Will Ferrell’s Letter to Santa

Comedian writes to Santa, has incredibly touching request for Christmas

Few of us have never written to Santa just to make sure they get the present they wanted for Christmas. Will Ferrell is not one of them, as his most recent post on his G+ account confirms.

Click on the image above to read his touching, very honest letter to Santa Claus. And they say it’s silly for a grown man (or woman) to believe in him anymore!

“Dear Santa, this year for Christmas I would like a iPod, some money, a new laptop, a TV… no wait, forget that,” Will writes.

“Get in your sleigh, go to Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait, and get all the soldiers… and bring them home. They deserve to be with their families on Christmas. Share this to show respect for the soldiers who won’t be coming home for Christmas,” he continues.

The ending of the letter, though, is the icing on the cake. I’d say it’s definitely worth checking out.

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