Photo of the Day: The Most Suave James Bond Tribute Ever

Nothing is better than James Bond – except perhaps several of them

With “Skyfall,” the 23rd James Bond installment, now in theaters, perhaps it’s time to remind you (again) of what makes this franchise so incredibly popular and awesome. The gif below should offer you a very strong indication of that.

That thing would be continuity: James Bond is one of the most time-enduring film franchises in history because it never forgets to give fans something to hold on to, thus making them feel a part of something bigger, something important.

The Bonds may change from one installment to the other but there are certain elements that a true fan will always (always!) recognize at first sight. One of them is presented in the gif below.

Much like the prolog that has been lifted to the state of movie within movie with all Bond films, this sequence is just as important and, as you can see, has remained unchanged throughout the years – and there’s been about 50 of them.

My review of “Skyfall” is here: it should be enough to get you to give it a shot, if not actually enjoy it.

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