Photo of the Day: Robin Williams Wore Kim Kardashian’s MET Dress Better

Actor joins in on the fun around Kim’s disastrous floral Givenchy number

This year, Kim Kardashian got to attend the MET Gala, after Kanye West convinced Anna Wintour to lift the ban on Kim. Her ridiculous floral Givenchy dress has gotten even Robin Williams cracking jokes online.

As I also noted yesterday, Kim looked like she was dressed in grandma’s curtains or an old sofa upholstery, with matchy shoes and gloves.

Robin Williams thinks the outfit was funny – but he wore it best, just in case you were wondering.

“I think I wore it better!” Williams tweets with the photo above (click to enlarge).

If you can’t really put your finger on why that old lady looks so much like Williams, that’s because it is him, in costume in a photo from the hit “Mrs. Doubtfire.”

He makes a good point and he’s more delicate and funnier than others criticizing Kim’s outfit.

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