Photo of the Day: President Obama Celebrates Rosa Parks Anniversary with Photo of Himself

President comes under heavy fire online after “narcissistic” photo

Barack Obama, President of the United States, seems to have committed a huge PR faux pas after agreeing to pose for an official photo for the Rosa Parks anniversary on the Rosa Parks bus, thus once more bringing attention to himself.

The photo (above) sees the President on the same bus Parks refused to leave in 1955, when she was asked to give up her seat to a white, because the seats reserved for the whites had already been taken.

A tweet accompanying it reads, “Today is the 57th Anniversary of the day Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat. Pic: President Obama on Rosa Parks bus.”

However, not all agree that putting himself out there in the spotlight on such a historical occasion is the best idea.

In fact, because of this particular pic, many are referring to Obama now as “narcissistic in chief,” with actor Alec Baldwin delivering the final blow, also on Twitter.

“BREAKING: White House orders NASA to rename 7th planet ‘Obamanus’. ~ #MalignantNarcissism #RosaParksDay #YouDidntBuildThat,” he writes.

More angry tweets are available here.

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