Photo of the Day: Mitt Romney’s Website as US President

“Transition” website goes online briefly, the Internet pays attention

This is what Mitt Romney’s official website looks today: it’s not much different from how it looked before the Presidential Elections, except for a “Thank you” note. As it turns out, he also had a “transition” page prepared for when he won the elections.

The problem is, he didn’t. Also a problem is that the “transition” website, introducing America’s new President, Mitt Romney, went online briefly – and Political Wire was there to get screencaps.

Come to think of it, it’s not that big of a deal that Romney was prepared for the worst and the best, because any reasonable man in his position would have probably done the same, just like Obama had two speeches prepared.

However, it’s ridiculous that his team would be so careless as to let the website go online before the results were even official. It’s also quite unprofessional of them.

Useless to say, this latest mishap is making Romney the butt of even more jokes.

Follow the link in the second paragraph to see how the Republican had prepared as President of the US.

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