Photo of the Day: Kim Kardashian Photoshopped Her Curves in Gym Selfie with Blac Chyna

Reality star is accused of misleading fans with recent revealing snaps

Kim Kardashian has always been about loving yourself and embracing your curves but, in reality, all her promo materials are heavily Photoshopped. As it turns out, her selfies might also receive a fair amount of retouching, if we’re to go by what people are saying online right now.

Kim is now getting a lot of attention for a couple of snaps of herself and her friend Blac Chyna hanging out after a gym session, which she posted on her social media account. One of the pics is also available above.

Now, at first look, both appear in amazing shape, with well sculpted abs and yet curves in all the right places, but keen eyes online have noticed that the door behind Kim, for instance, is slightly curved.

Unless she lives in a magical palace in which doors have a different shape than in real world, this could mean that Kim has actually retouched her own pic before posting it online. In other words, all that talk about embracing your curves and loving yourself as you are is a bunch of lies because not even Kim believes it.

As you may very well imagine, her fans are all up in arms at the thought that she deliberately deceived them. To think that, right after the photo went online, Kim told the paparazzi that her secret was “No carbs, workout and dedication!.” What about Photoshop?

Check out the photo and the video report below and let me know in the comments section what you think on the latest “controversy”: did she or did she not retouch her body to make herself look slimmer yet curvier?

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