Photo of the Day: Justin Bieber Goes Shopping in Gas Mask

Teen heartthrob goes to extreme lengths not to be recognized, is a tad ridiculous

Either Justin Bieber has found a new way to disguise himself better when in public or this is a new fashion accessory for him. Click on the image above to see him wearing a gas mask while shopping in London.

A gas mask. Shopping. At the mall.

“Canadian teen crooner Bieber was spotted out and about in London doing some shopping with pals as he continues his UK tour,” the Daily Mail writes.

“The leather-clad Baby singer, who now has more Twitter followers than the population of Canada, made the most of his time off with pals as he hit up ACNE on Dover St in the UK capital,” the tab further writes, adding that he removed the mask while doing the actual shopping.

If he was trying to fly under the radar, he only attracted more attention to himself. If he just wanted to be “fashionable,” he was being ridiculous: a gas mask is not an accessory.

I’ll just go ahead and choose door number 3: Justin Bieber is crying for attention. What do you think?

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