Photo of the Day: Elegant Solution to Zombie Outbreak

Here’s an idea that could actually save your life in case of zombie apocalypse

We all know that zombies feed on brains and / or human flesh so, obviously, the only thing that should be on your mind in case of a zombie apocalypse is how to run as fast as you can away from them. Above is an idea for an awesome distraction for the undead.

Think of it this way: if the zombies’ attention, as short-spanned as it is, is engaged elsewhere, you have the perfect window to make a run for it.

The pic above can show you how to get the undead thus distracted. Silly little (vicious) creatures.

More importantly, it can also offer a solution to the zombie outbreak because, this way engaged, they would no longer be on the hunt for human flesh, so humanity as a whole would be saved: the outbreak could be contained.

Of course, the tricky part would be to actually get the zombies rigged as shown in the photo, but that’s another story – for another day.

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