Photo of the Day: Diners Called “Fat Girls” on Check

Three women dine at Chilly D’s Sports Lounge in California, will probably not return there

Three women went out for dinner the other night at Chilly D’s Sports Lounge in California, but little did they expect to be insulted in the way they were when it came to get the check.

On the bill, their waiter for the night, Jeff, wrote “Fat Girls” where the number of the table should have been. The incident has since gone viral.

Christine Duran, Christina Huerta and Isabel Robles talked to ABC’s Good Morning America about the pain and humiliation they felt when they saw the check, as the video below will confirm.

Considering Jeff had the audacity to put “Fat Girls” on the check, they can only imagine the kind of fun he had with the other members of the staff behind their back.

When they confronted another waiter (Jeff had left) about what was written on the check, they got giggles and, later on, a 25 percent and a 50 percent discount on the bill.

They turned down the offer and chose to go public with the situation in the hope no other customer, female or male, might have to go through what they went through.

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