Photo of the Day: Barbie Without Makeup

Graphic designer Eddi Aguirre aims to prove that nobody is perfect

They say that nobody is perfect but, until just now, it sure seemed that Barbie was. Graphic designer Eddi Aguirre has set out to prove that, with the famous Mattel doll, this too is just an illusion made possible by clever makeup and other… womanly tricks.

Click on the image above to see it in full.

Barbie looks her usual glamorous, flawless self in the “after” shot but is sporting some heavy bags under the eyes, yellowish teeth, unruly hair and spotty complexion in the “before” pic.

In other words, she looks like most women do when they wake up in the morning, minus the yellow teeth and the braces, which I believe were used only for emphasis, to make a point.

“Image used for a makeup special in the new magazine, shows Barbie before and after applying makeup (nobody is perfect),” the graphic designer writes in the description of the photo.

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