Photo of the Day: Axl Rose Shows Off New Bob Haircut

Rocker steps out in London with much shorter ‘do, pics go viral

Axl Rose has seen more than his fair share of ups and downs but one thing is certain: he never fell out of favor with the ladies, not even when he was sporting those unfortunate cornrows back in the days when Guns ‘N Roses were making their first official comeback.

Speaking of new hairdos, above is a pic of the rocker in London, out clubbing with several female admirers. It’s the talk of the town right now and I bet you could guess why that is without even trying too hard.

Indeed, Axl got himself a new cut and photos of him sporting the new, wavy bob have already gone viral.

“While Axl has never been a Bowie-like chameleon of rock, he also famously wore his hair in cornrows a few years back, and there's been some debate if his hair is really still his or has he had a hair transplant, plugs, or a weave,” Yahoo! writes.

Perhaps this explains the sudden interest in his new hairstyle.

He’s totally owning his inner diva with those fancy jewelry pieces and the fur coat, isn’t he.

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