Photo of the Day: Animal Services Employee Cradles Rescued Pit Bull

26 pit bulls used in dog fights have been rescued in Florida

A photo of an Animal Services employee holding a pit bull is warming Redditors' hearts this week.

The dog pictured above is one of 26 found locked in someone’s backyard in Florida. Pam Perry with Hillsborough County Animal Services told reporters that they received a tip about the pit bulls, finding them chained and severely injured.

She describes how they had “clear cuts to their faces, forelimbs, head” and mentions that they were still bleeding when they found them. They were treated by veterinarians at the animal clinic and are all expected to survive.

“We saved these dogs' lives today,” she says.

According to Dog Heirs, the animals were most likely used in dog fights. Police will be pressing charges against those responsible, the same publication notes.

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