Photo Shows Different Suit for RoboCop

Remake will see RoboCop wear at least 2 different suits, it would seem

With the “RoboCop” remake now heavily underway, fans have been growing upset at the direction they thought the film was taking. One of their biggest gripes was the suit, which looked too much like that of Chris Nolan’s Batman.

As it turns out, that is probably just one of the suits the super cop will be wearing in the film, presumably in the first months after his transformation.

Davor Mamuzic of 81Films posted this photo on his Instagram (via Comic Book Movie): just click on it to enlarge.

It shows a suit more similar to the one RoboCop wore in the original film, and totally a far cry from Batman’s all-black one.

“the whole film he will wear that one… that’s the new slick design..” Mamuzic wrote in response to a fan asking about the suit seen in the first pics leaked from the production.

“RoboCop” will be out in February 2014.

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