Phone Spam Alert: Your Google Account Has Been Hacked, Reply Now

Experts can't tell if it's a phishing scam or not, but it's certainly not good

Experts warn mobile phone users to be on the lookout for a phone spam campaign which informs them that their Google accounts have been hacked.

According to ThreatTrack Security experts, the spam messages read something like this: “Your Google Account has been hacked. Reply NOW to take a call to verify your account.”

While this appears to be a classic phishing scam, it might not be. Experts say it’s difficult to determine what the scammers’ goal is.

When users reply to the message, they’re told to enter the verification code “-44-” when they’re called back. When victims enter the code, they’re told that “voice mail is ready to be set up.”

It’s uncertain if this is a trick to get people to sign up for premium SMS services, or if it’s an unsuccessful phishing scam. Whichever the case may be, users should not respond to such messages since nothing good can come of it.

If you fear that your Google account might have been hacked, simply change your password and enable two-factor authentication. You can check if someone has been accessing your account by using the account activity feature from your Gmail account.

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