Phishing Scam: Secure Your Intelligent Finance Internet Banking Authorization

A cleverly designed website tries to convince users to hand over their details

Customers of Intelligent Finance – the Scottish offset bank, a division of Bank of Scotland – are advised to beware of emails which inform them that they must secure their Internet banking authorization. 

Entitled “Secure Your Intelligent Finance Internet Banking Authorization,” the malicious emails read (via


You have 2 new IMPORTANT message waiting in your inbox folder.

Due to Various Invalid Attempt to login to Your Account.

please supply ALL of the following information


Best Regards

Intelligent Finance Bank Security Department”

The emails have nothing to do with Intelligent Finance or any other legitimate financial institution. Instead, they’re sent by cybercriminals who want to trick users into handing over their personal details.

Internauts who click on the link are taken, via a redirect, to a compromised website which hosts an Intelligence Finance phishing page.

Victims are told to provide information such as username, password, secret question, answer to secret question, plan code, mobile phone number and other details. Once the information is handed over to the crooks, users are redirected to a legitimate website.

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