Philips Xenium 9@9W Surfaces with Dual SIM

A new look for a Philips phone

A new phone model in Philips' Xenium line of devices has just been FCC approved, which leaves room for hopes of a close release. The 9@9W model brings an unusual design that some people might consider to be a welcomed alternative to other candybar phones out there.

What Philips 9@9W holds special is the fact that it comes with an incredible slim case, at only 12 mm thick. Moreover, it weighs 90 grams, which makes it a comfortable device to use and carry around in your pocket without even feeling it. The trend of making mobile phones slimmer than possible still appears to be highly efficient for making these devices popular.

The phone's small sizes are far from breaking any world record, which also makes the Philips 9@9W mobile phone far from being something out of the ordinary. Its performances match those of the large crowd of average phones out there. The design fails in bringing it any extra credit as well. While struggling to make this phone as slim as possible, producers have made compromises as far as its width and length are concerned, which make the phone look like a squashed one.

The 1.9 inch display screen is capable of supporting a resolution of up to 220 x 176 pixels, lower than what most evolved devices out there are capable of offering. Philips 9@9W also comes equipped with a 2-megapixel camera, meant to provide images at a somewhat higher quality.

Other specifications include Bluetooth and USB connectivity, as most evolved devices do nowadays. Producers have mentioned nothing about the handset's internal memory, but the fact that it also packs a microSD card slot ensures the user that memory will not run out that fast.

Producers have not specified yet when Philips 9@9W will hit the market, although that should happen pretty soon, as the device has just been FCC approved.

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