Philips Unveils the 241P4LRY 'ErgoSensor' Monitor

Turns off if you’re not in front of it, so no more watching movies from the couch

Philips has reportedly announced its new 24-inch Brilliance 241P4LRY monitor. It comes with a special technology called ErgoSensor that allows it to turn off if you’re not in front of it and also chastises you regarding your neck posture, optimal viewing distance and too much staring at it.

[admark=1]I know it sounds funny, but they claim it will thus save up to 80% the energy normally consumed without the “chastising technology.”

Two questions popped into my mind when reading about Philips’ new release: how much more energy would it save if the user gets too annoyed by ErgoSensor’s “suggestions” and smashes the damn thing? and how can he watch movies from his couch when sitting a little to the side of the monitor or too far from it for the sensor to see him?

I’m sure the “chastising technology” has an off switch and that the ErgoSensor can be also deactivated if not working properly but if so, why not buy a “normal” LCD?

The monitor comes with WLED backlighting and has a native resolution of 1920 x 1080 making it FullHD. It also sports 5ms response time, 250 cd/m2 maximum brightness and a “dumb” contrast ratio of 1000:1 but 20,000,000 : 1 SmartContrast.

It comes with a D-SUB connector and a DVI one along with DisplayPort, four USB 2.0 ports, two 1.5W speakers and a mobile stand. The stand enables height, swivel, rotation and tilt adjustment.

All this can be had for 339 EUR in Europe, that’s around 450 USD in U.S.A.

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