Philips Intros High-Quality 27” Monitor with AMVA Panel

The AMVA technology promises very high contrast rates and 20,000,000:1 is quite impressive

In this case, Philips is not Philips. The company behind this product is MMD Monitors & Displays and it has an agreement with Philips to make and market computer monitors and using the famous brand.

MMD Monitors & Displays has just started shipping the 273E3QHSB 27-inch monitor that comes with an AMVA high-quality panel.

AMVA is a new generation MVA technology. MVA is short for multi-domain vertical alignment and this was the first technology that was able to offer fast response time and very good contrast rates for the time it was introduced.

In fact, MVA offered very high quality black and good color reproduction along with very good contrast rates and wide viewing angles that can only be surpassed by S-IPS panels.

Later on, the MVA technology was updated and AU Optronics developed PMVA and AMVA while Chi Mei Optoelectronics developed SMVA.

AMVA technology offers much better real contrast than IPS panels and the colors don’t change as much when the monitor is not viewed perfectly perpendicular like they change on classic TN panels.

Who is MMD Monitors & Displays after all? Well, MMD Monitors & Displays is a wholly owned subsidiary of TPV Technology Limited.

TPV is a Hong Kong company that makes and sells AOC and Envision branded monitors.

The thing is that currently, after it acquired a part of Philips’ monitor and entry-level flat screen TV business in 2005 and Chi Mei Optoelectronics Corporation in 2008, TPV is the largest display manufacturer in the world.

The high contrast rates and wide viewing angles with less color degradation in non-ideal angles are AMVA’s greatest features.

Philips' 273E3QHSB monitor has a 20 million to 1 dynamic contrast rate and a rather slow response time of 12 ms. The brightness is rated at 300 cd/sqm and it’s priced at 389 EUR.

That’s about 480 USD for the American customers.

Here's the link to the official specifications page.


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