Philippines Authorities Arrest 17 Chinese Nationals Wanted for Cybercrimes

The suspects will be immediately deported back to China

The Philippines Bureau of Immigrations has revealed that 17 Chinese nationals wanted for cybercrimes and online fraud in their home country were arrested last week.

The suspects, 15 of which are women, have been arrested in Makati City as part of an operation conducted by the agency’s fugitive search unit.

The arrests come in response to a request made by the Chinese embassy, which sought assistance in apprehending the individuals who fled to the Philippines in an attempt to avoid being arrested.

“All of them could not present their passports and travel documents, thus we will deport them for being undocumented and overstaying aliens,” Immigration Commissioner Ricardo David Jr. said.

The fugitives have been charged with violating immigration laws and they will be immediately deported back to China where they face prosecution.

Earlier this month, 80 Chinese nationals were arrested by Cambodian authorities.

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