Phil Robertson on Leaving “Duck Dynasty”: It’ll Go On Without Me

Patriarch reveals in new interview he won’t be on the show for much longer

Season 4 of “Duck Dynasty” returns on A&E on August 14, bringing a new addition to the cast and the news that this might be Phil Robertston’s last season.

In a recent interview with Parade magazine, the patriarch reveals that he doesn’t plan on being on the show for much longer.

He doesn’t reveal why he’s thinking of bowing out or when that might happen, but the announcement will probably not please fans of the series.

“Not long,” he says when asked how much longer he wants to be in front of the camera. “But I think it'll go on without me.”

While the show would certainly go on without a member of the cast, the departure would alienate some of the fans who have come to love this crazy, fun-loving and just plain loving family.

“It's probably the opposite of most reality shows,” Duck Commander CEO Willie notes in the same interview. “And nobody gets a big head because we're doing it all together.”

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