Peter Moore Explains Why EA Sports Snubs PCs

Basically, piracy is the root of all evil

Peter Moore, the head of EA Sports and former Microsoft corporate vice-president, has updated his official blog, explaining why the company is "against" PC game development. We already had a few hints on that - these are mostly the same reasons why everybody ignores PC systems as game platforms: piracy, piracy and a bit of piracy, plus a few other things of lesser importance.

First of all, Peter Moore stated that consoles sell well and have managed to offer a similar, if not better experience to that offered by personal computers, both in terms of graphics and 5.1 sound. And, on top of that, he believes that the consoles attract gamers with their "lean back", full room experience, compared to the "lean in" PC one. Also, he considers that the PC market is heading towards an exclusively online type of gaming and EA Sports is not doing that at the moment.

Also, his opinion on piracy is clearly presented in the statement: "Piracy is an issue. Sorry, I know many of you disagree with me on this, but the numbers don't lie. Companies spend millions developing content, and deserve to see a return on investment for their risk. The employees developing the game design, writing code and creating art deserve to get paid for their work. Period".

He also tries to remind PC fans something everybody already knows: all publishers want to record a profit following the release of games and (partly because of piracy issues) the consoles are a better option at the moment. However, Moore explains that this year's shift towards gaming consoles doesn't mean that Electronic Arts or EA Sports will completely ignore the PCs in the future. "That does not mean that we aren't coming back next year with new, innovative, maybe even less-expensive ways to play all of our franchises on the PC," he said. So, there is still hope. And FIFA 09.

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