Peter Facinelli Wants Jennie Garth to Stop Talking About Divorce

“Twilight” star is upset that ex is making him look like the bad guy

Peter Facinelli and Jennie Garth were married for 11 years when they announced their shocking decision to get a divorce. Neither has badmouthed the other in public but, even so, the “Twilight” actor would rather his ex stopped talking about the divorce.

Speculation has it that Facinelli cheated on Jennie while he was away shooting on location for “Twilight.”

Some even say that, indirectly, the movie franchise ruined their marriage, even though Jennie has repeatedly denied all rumors about that.

She did say though that distance took a toll on the relationship. Even that is more than she should have said, Peter believes, according to a new report in the latest print issue of Star magazine (story via CB).

“It was way back in March that Jennie Garth, 40, and Peter Facinelli, 39, announced their decision to divorce, but tensions have only heated up since then. Pals say Jennie resents the Twilight Saga star for abandoning her – after 11 years of marriage and three young girls,” the publication writes.

“Peter quickly began seeing his Loosies costar, Jaimie Alexander, 28, which crushed Jennie. ‘It’s like a slap in the face,’ a friend tells Star. It’s hard for her to be civil with him, because she’s so angry,” the mag further says.

Even so, it’s Peter who feels like he’s being wronged in the press.

“Peter’s not happy either, because he reportedly thinks his ex has been a publicity hound. ‘He hates that he looks like the bad guy,’ our source says. ‘Peter has demanded that Jennie stop giving interviews, which has only infuriated her more’,” the report further notes.

In all fairness, ever since they got divorced, Jennie has been talking about the divorce in interviews, though not once did she say something negative about Peter – on the contrary, actually.

In other words, either there’s no truth to Star’s story or there is, and Facinelli is being impossible.

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