Pet Labradors Are Record-Setting Blood Donors

Heledd and Garin have thus far saved the lives of countless pooches

Two pet Labradors named Heledd and Garin are now referred to as record-breaking blood donors, all thanks to their helping out the Pet Blood Bank in the UK save the lives of countless pooches in distress.

The dog's owner, Philippa Butler, explains that up until now Heledd and Garin have each donated blood 12 times, and that they plan on doing it again in the future.

Sources report that, aside from their being able to brag about how they helped save other pets, Heledd and Garin get a free biscuit and a health check every time they donate blood, so they really can't complain about not getting anything out of the experience.

“The dogs get a free health check and a biscuit, as well as plenty of attention and tickling, so they seem to quite like it,” Philippa Butler told members of the press.

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