Pet Grizzly Bear Goes Missing in Florida

Police officers advise people not to approach the animal if they happen to come across it

Early Tuesday morning, a pet grizzly bear owned by a man in Florida went missing, and local police officers are now busy trying to figure out where it might be hiding and what could be done to successfully trap it.

Granted, the grizzly bear is merely a cub and only weighs about 100 pounds (roughly 45 kilograms), yet people living in or fairly close to the Golden Gate Estates area have been asked to be cautious when leaving their homes to go about their business.

Furthermore, the Collier County Sheriff's Office, whose staff is now assisting the Florida Wish and Wildlife Conservation Commission in its attempt to locate and catch the bear, wished to emphasize the fact that the animal must not be approached by anyone who lacks proper training when it comes to dealing with wildlife.

Hopefully, it will not be long until the bear cub is found and removed from the streets.

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