Peruvian Army Website Hacked and Defaced by LulzSec Peru

The hacktivist collective continues to target government sites

Members of the LulzSec Peru hacker collective have managed to breach the official website of the Army of Peru (, a branch of the Peruvian Armed Forces tasked with protecting the country’s sovereignty, integrity and independence through military force.

The affected site contains corporate information, the organization’s history, details on the Army’s activities and related news.

The hacktivists defaced the website sometime on Saturday, making it display a “hacked by LulzSec Peru” message and the hacker collective’s logo.

At the time of writing, the Army website appeared to have been taken offline. However, the defacement page was available on

At the beginning of January, the same group defaced the site of Argentina’s Ministry of Defense. One week later, they managed to breach the Venezuelan Ministry of Defense.

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