Perfect Windows 7 7.9 Experience Index Score with God’s Machine

Do you know that there are extremely few people worldwide having achieved the perfect 7.9 Windows Experience Index score in Windows 7?

Well, Microsoft does. But if fact, it is possible to build a monster machine capable of reaching the top WEI score of 7.9 in Windows 7 RTM.

According to the Redmond company, putting together a hardware combination to hit 7.9 in Windows 7 becomes more and more feasible, especially as computer components evolve and get cheaper.

“As of July 2010, few people own 7.9-ranked computers. There are only a handful listed on WEI Share, a website where people compare their index scores,” the Redmond company noted.

“But it’s a goal that will grow more attainable as more advanced computer components become the norm.”

Microsoft Help currently features an article titled: “Earning the top Windows Experience Index score.”

The software giant is essentially lending a helping hand to power PC users that are simply not content with anything inferior to the perfect WEI 7.9 score.

The God Machine

The chase for the Windows 7 7.9 WEI score began in early January 2010, just after Microsoft released the first Beta development milestone of Windows Vista’s successor.

To this date people are finding the “Hardware Configuration for the Perfect 7.9 Windows 7 Score” article I wrote at the start of the year and leaving comments. Some of them have actually even earned bragging rights.

Some might say that you need the perfect machine for the perfect Windows 7 score. Perfect as in God-like.

“Microsoft program manager (and blogger) Scott Hanselman attempted to build a computer that was fast enough to reach the 7.9 limit,” Microsoft revealed.

“For his supercomputer (which he dubbed “GOM,” or God’s Own Machine), he set a $3,000 limit and bought a six-core processor, a GTX 285 graphics card, and a low-voltage desktop memory system with 12 gigabytes (GB) of RAM.”

“Yet he still only reached 7.8. "Getting to 7.9 is possible, but man, it’s not easy," Hanselman said. "For now, until off-the-shelf things get faster, you’ll need some experience in overclocking, possibly a RAID disk array, and a lot of patience. Truly, if you get over 7.7, you’ve got one of the fastest machines out there”.”

The hardware configuration for the Windows 7 7.9 WEI score

Below users will be able to find a list of components that can help them in their quest to achieve the perfect Windows 7 7.9 WEI score.

All I have to say is that you’ll need deep pockets for this endeavor, and be advised that actually buying the components and putting them together might still not get you up to 7.9.

Microsoft noted that “people who have built high-scoring PCs generally have bought the following pieces:

•A quad-core desktop processor with at least 4 gigahertz (GHz) (with a water cooling kit for overclocking) or a six-core processor

•A socket 1366 motherboard

•A low-voltage desktop memory system with 12 GB of RAM

•A GTX 285 graphics card

•A 256 GB internal solid-state drive in a striped RAID 0 configuration

•A 1000-watt power supply.

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