Pepsi-Flavored Cheetos Are Available in Japan

They taste like soda and even give you a fizzy buzz when you eat them

I have written about all sorts of snack flavors before, but one has really caught me by surprise. Residents of Japan can now enjoy a taste of Pepsi-Flavored cheetos.

“These Pepsi-flavored Cheetos are the latest food hybrid to spit in the eye of Mother Nature,” editor Steve from The Impulsive Buy describes.

The snacks has been premiered by Frito Lay Cheetos and they are basically regular snacks covered in cola powder.

They are produced out of corn and they give you a soda-like fizzy sensation, which is probably why you would buy the item in the first place.

You feel a “definite popping and crackling” while munching on them, reviews say. Unfortunately, the product is only being sold in Japan at this point, but Pepsi or Cheetos aficionados can also buy it online on eBay.

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