People’s Hottest Man Alive Channing Tatum Talks His Firsts

Talented, handsome and funny, Channing takes a trip down memory lane

To the surprise of practically no one, Channing Tatum has been named People magazine’s hottest man alive for 2012. Check out the video above to see his adorable reaction to receiving this “distinction.”

The video is part of the People interview Channing gave on the occasion, and sees him take a trip down memory lane to talk about his “firsts”: the first time he kissed a girl, his first crush, the first time he was recognized in public, that kind of stuff.

It also offers a good look at the spread Channing did for this week’s issue of the mag and, pardon me for stating the obvious, but this man is fine (read that with whatever kind of emphasis you want).

As reported yesterday, 2012 turned out to be an awesome year for Channing, professionally speaking.

He managed to prove critics that he’s a solid actor by doing movies from a variety of genres, which also won him the title Movie Star of the Year from GQ mag.

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