The Pentagon Enhances Cyber Command's Offensive and Defensive Capabilities

The force will have 4,900 employees, not just 900 as it has now

United States officials have revealed that, over the next years, the Pentagon is about to enhance its Defense Department’s Cyber Command. The goal is not only to protect the country’s critical infrastructures against attacks, but also to enhance the US’ ability to launch offensive operations against its enemies.

The Washington Post reports that, currently, the Cyber Command has around 900 employees. However, the number will increase to 4,900 as a result of the expansion.

Officials who wished to remain anonymous have told the Washington Post that the decision is a result of numerous cyberattacks, including the one that targeted Saudi Aramco back in August 2012.

The improved Cyber Command will include national mission forces, combat mission forces and cyber protection forces.

The decision to enhance the Cyber Command was made at the end of last year, but the Pentagon’s intentions have not been officially made public.

On the other hand, in a statement he made after the attacks on Saudi Aramco, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta mentioned that the US was “putting in place the policies and organizations” needed to defend the nation.

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