Penny Stocks Spam Influences Trading Volume Once Again, Experts Find

Avira warns users about emails in which they're asked to invest with a certain firm

Security experts from Avira warn users that penny stocks spam messages are making the rounds once again in an attempt to convince recipients into investing with a certain company.

The latest messages – entitled “It Should Resume Uptrend,” “It Becomes Our Latest Double,” “The best is yet to come” or “This is Ready to Explode” – read something like this:

“GT_R L is the Hottest stock of the last week. We researched GT_R L when it was $0.015 and it profited 200% today profited at $.032 high, Nasdaq is your friend!

Readers who purchased $5000 last week made $10000 today! Big developments next week, the stock price will grow much higher.

Now is the time to buy into your $5k or so of GT_R L on Monday November 19th to see it doubled.”

According to Avira IT Security Expert Sorin Mustaca, the company’s name is likely obfuscated in order to ensure that the emails bypass classic Bayesian filters.

The most worrying part is that even though experts highly recommend against it, it appears that some of the recipients of these emails might have taken the bait. Mustaca reveals that the trading volume of this stock increased in the days in which the messages started circulating.

Similar results were recorded back in 2007 when these types of spam messages were at an all-time high.

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