Penguin Chicks Are Passionate Bloggers

Real Chicks of Central Park encourages people to support the baby penguins living in ZOOs

Cuteness can become a powerful weapon in the right hands, and the people behind the Real Chicks of Central Park are well aware of this fact. They developed a website which shares entertaining details from the lives of 8 penguin chicks, raised by the staff from the Central Park Zoo.

The officials are trying to raise the level of awareness regarding the critical situation of penguins, by displaying cute pictures, funny videos and news which show how amazing these creatures really are.

By visiting the website on a daily basis, a user can witness the development of one of the eight mascots. Four gentoo penguins and four chinstrap penguins are the main attraction.

The super cute creatures might even become a source of inspiration for those who plan to have a baby.

“Turns out raising a penguin chick is a lot like raising a human baby. In the beginning, the chicks spend all their time eating, sleeping, and pooping. Meanwhile, the keepers slave over them to keep them warm enough, well fed, and happy! But hey, nobody ever said parenthood was easy,” according to the individual who entitles himself “Papa Penguin.”

Therefore, with a single click the fans of these creatures will be able to see with their own eyes that penguins raised in ZOOs aren't homesick and are doing just fine. The officials who joined efforts to launch this initiative hope that cuteness can make every wallet open, since financial support is desperately needed.

The people who are charmed by the penguins' beauty can $10 donation while visiting the website and purchasing a chick magnet just in time for Christmas.

Despite the fact that Chinstrap penguins are listed as Least Concern by the IUCN Red List, it seems that biologists are worried that these creatures are seriously threatened by fisheries and water pollution. All across the Globe, up to 60% of the overall penguin population might go extinct.

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