Penguin Chick Gets Two Adoptive Fathers

The two male penguins are “in love” with one another, wish to start a family

Two male penguins living as a couple at a Danish zoo are now the proud parents of a chick which does not seem to mind that instead of one mother and one father, it has two fathers.

Apparently, the penguin chick's mother abandoned the egg, and zoo keepers were left with no choice except to try and find new parents for it.

The male penguins which now act as parents for the chick have been a couple for almost one year, and the staff at the Odense zoo say that, because none of them can lay eggs, they either start incubating dead herring or try to steal eggs whenever the breeding season begins.

“With King penguins, they mix it between the male and female. One stands with the egg while the other goes to feed and then they shift. It was the same with this pair. They both incubated the egg,” zoo members told the press.

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