Pen-and-Paper Origins Powered Baldur’s Gate Success

Enhanced Edition will have some tone in new Black Pits content

Trent Oster, the leader of the Overhaul Games team working on the revival of Baldur’s Gate, says that much of the success of the original party-based role-playing experience was linked to the pen-and-paper origins of the universe.

Speaking to PCGamesN, the developer states, “The key feature of the game's storytelling is how the story originated as a real pen and paper campaign run by James Ohlen for his friends. Cameron played in the campaign with a ranger named Minsc. The other main characters were all played in the campaign.”

Qualities like character interaction and maturity, which the player base found interesting in the first Baldur’s Gate, were all a direct result of the pen and paper origins.

These elements will be preserved in the Enhanced Edition version of Baldur’s Gate, which will also include a new Black Pits gameplay area.

Oster adds, “The major innovation in Baldur's Gate was the evolving story with interesting and diverse companion characters. The game can have a very different feel, dependent on party make-up. Dave and Phil have done a great job of getting the vibe of BG of dark fantasy with injections of pop culture humor.”

The Enhanced Edition of Baldur’s Gate is designed to keep the core elements of the game experience, while improving the immersion level by offering full voice to all the characters and enhancing the cutscenes.

The game will be launched tomorrow on the PC, via the Beamdog digital distribution service, and Overhaul Games will also make it available on tablets in the coming months.

An Enhanced Edition for Baldur’s Gate 2 is planned for launch during the summer of 2013 and, if the two titles are successful, the team is also thinking about continuing the storyline with a full third title, which might be launched in 2014.

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