Pegasus Thunderbolt-Ready 12TB External Raid Enclosure Revealed by Promise

Now that the Thunderbolt technology has been officially outed, we're already starting to see a couple of products featuring this new ultra-fast interface being revealed, one of the latest we've come across being the Pegasus RAID solution from Promise.

Although Thunderbolt has only been implemented on the 2011 MacBook Pro systems for the time being, things will apparently look a lot different on the future, when more and more computer manufacturers will adopt this high-speed tech.

And in order to have a product ready when that time arrives, Promise has revealed their Pegasus external RAID enclosure, that will be available in two different versions, featuring either 4 bays or 6 bays, and capable of providing up to a whopping 12TB of storage.

Furthermore, the company points out that that the storage system will support some of the most commonly-encountered RAID modes, including 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50 and 60, that will manage to match just about any user's specific requirements.

Plus, since Apple's notebooks are the first to incorporate this technology, Pegasus will also fully support the Time Machine feature.

Naturally, given the fact that they'll come equipped with the brand-new Thunderbolt tech, the new RAID enclosures will be able to provide some very high data transfer capabilities, of up to 800 MB/s, which makes them not only 20 times faster than USB 2.0. but also 12 times faster than FireWire 800, one of the preferred connectivity options for all Apple systems.

Additionally, since it will come packed with two Thunderbolt ports, the Pegasus will enable users to daisy-chain multiple Pegasus enclosures, letting them create storage behemoths with capacities of up to 72TB of data.

Unfortunately, the Pegasus RAID storage solution won't be around too soon, as it will only arrive on the market around Q2, 2011, for a yet undisclosed price point.

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