Peeping Tom: a USB Microscope for Nooks and Crannies

It is called USB Flexible Endoscopic Light Scope DX2

The Universal Serial Bus really is proving what the word “universal” means, as it has been adopted by even the least ubiquitous devices, such as microscopes, whether or not they are used in medicine.

The item in the photo up on the left is called USB Flexible Endoscopic Light Scope DX2 USB microscope and is Thanko's latest creation.

Most USB microscopes are rigid optical devices whose usefulness is limited, although the USB connection does let them connect to more or less every sort of host system.

The new device, nicknamed “Peeping Tom,” has a flexible cable, allowing it to go through small cracks and nooks. This provides users with many more options for its use.

Spec-wise, Thanko chose to give its item a 0.3-megapixel CMOS sensor, whose viewing angle is of 60 degrees and whose focal length is of 50mm.

The camera cable has a length of 83 cm (32.67 mm), while the USB cable is of 185 cm (72.83 inches).

Moving on, there us compatibility with Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows XP.

As for elemental resistance, the camera isn't rugged per se. It lacks the distinct blocky, severe look that is required to bear that label (though there are exceptions).

Nevertheless, the Peeping Tom is waterproof, or at least the portion that connects the camera cable to the main unit is.

Since this isn't a gadget that needs too much data to pass to and from whatever computer is on the other end of the USB connection, the USB 2.0 standard was considered sufficient. The energy provided through it is enough as well.

In the future, should higher-resolution sensors be used for such things, USB 3.0 may be called upon.

Thanko wants the 210g / 0.46 pounds USB Flexible Endoscopic Light Scope DX2 to be an affordable item, so it set its price at 4,980 Yen / $54 / 40.43 Euro.


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