Pebble E-Paper Smartwatches Finally Shipping

The Android wrist device is finally ready to reach initial bidders

Pebble has come a long way. Having started out as a small project on Kickstarter, it got more than the necessary funds from pledges and, after several updates and small changes, is now ready to reach initial bidders.

Shipments of the Pebble are starting now (Wednesday, January 23, 2013), and there should be a complementary app available for free download.

Since the watch works with both Android and iOS, that means that both Google Play and Apple App Store will have it for the taking.

Sadly, because of a mishap with shipment notifications, some people may not get their device in the time they think they should.

Currently, only the first batch of 500 is ready, and the Pebble team has notified more people than that. That said, those who have received a tracking number are most likely among the ones that will get them now rather than later.

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