Peacock Falls for a She-Turkey, Saves Her Life

Pendragon and Miss McFeathers now spend each day by each other's side

By now, it should be a well-known fact that, when it comes to feasting on turkeys and other animals, green-oriented group PETA is dead set on putting an end to this practice. Hence their seemingly endless “Try our vegan roasts" campaigns.

Still, Pendragon and Miss McFeathers (a peacock and a she-turkey) have managed to prove that, in the end, only true love can actually make a difference.

Miss McFeathers was born and raised at a farm in Scotland, and her owners says that, but for Pendragon, she was destined to become a Christmas delight, Tree Hugger explains.

Still, once this peacock “took a shine to her,” and she decided to not send him on his way, it became clear that farm manager Mike Eagers could no longer slay the turkey and leave Pendragon without his sweetheart.

“He roosts outdoors at night while we lock her back up so that the foxes don’t get her but each day they return to each other’s side,” Mike Eagers says.

Furthermore, “The two are inseparable and Miss McFeathers has even rejected her fellow turkeys in favour of Pendragon’s company.”

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