Peaches Geldof's Son Spent 17 Hours with Her Body Until She Was Found Dead

Peaches died of a drug overdose while minding her 11-month-old boy

New disturbing evidence is coming to light in the case of Peaches Geldof's death, as yesterday an investigation reached the conclusion that the TV personality succumbed due to a drug overdose, caused by her relapse into heroin addiction.

What's more disturbing is the fact that the investigation also found out that Peaches' 11-month-old son, Phaedra, who was at home with his mother at the time of her death, was forced to spend up to 17 hours in the family's home in Kent, England, until they were found.

Peaches' surviving husband, Tom Cohen, told investigators that he left the mother at home with their youngest son, Phaedra, for the weekend, while he and the couple's older son, Astala, 2, went for a visit at his parents in south east London.

He later revealed that he tried to get in touch with Peaches sometime after 10 p.m. on April 6 and got increasingly worried when she didn't pick up the phone. Because he feared that he wouldn't be able to contact her until the next morning, Tom drove back home with son Astala and found Geldof's lifeless body on a bed in one of the home's spare bedrooms.

Phaedra, the 11-month-old boy who had stayed back home with his mother, was found unharmed in an adjoining room, despite the fact that he had been left alone for several hours.

After a thorough search of the residence, police officers reported that they found lots of drugs and drug paraphernalia, including a hefty amount of “importation quality” heroin, over 80 needles and syringes and burnt spoons, all of which are used for injecting heroin.

The coroner confirmed that Peaches succumbed due to a heroin overdose, and it's believe that this was because her body had become less resistant to the effects of the drug because of her rehab period. Another factor in her death was the high quality of the drug, that had a purity over 60% when normal “street” heroin rarely exceeds 20% purity.

It has now been determined that Peaches had relapsed into her drug addiction and had begun using again in secret, stashing her drugs in random places in her house to keep her secret from her family.

On the day before her death, Peaches chose to post a photo of her and her mother, Paula Yates, on social media. Yates also passed away from an accidental heroin overdose back in 2000. Investigators found it odd that she chose to post the photo in question just hours before she herself died as a result of injecting too much heroin.

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