PayPal Users Charged When Buying Windows 8, No Product Key Received

Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant bug blocks the Windows 8 payment process

Microsoft’s very own Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant is an application developed to assist users who want to make the move to Windows 8 from a previous Windows version, such as XP or 7.

Also coming with a special price tag of $15 (€11.5), the online upgrade is clearly the top choice for most users. But a bug is turning the whole upgrading process into a real nightmare for lots of users.

It appears that those who choose to pay via PayPal are charged without actually receiving the product key. It’s all because of a glitch that crashes the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant, users said on Microsoft support forums.

“I was using the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant, and right after submitting my PayPal information the Upgrade Assistant Crashed. How do I continue this order since it has already been charged to my PayPal? I have no order confirmation, email, product key or anything of that nature. I do however have a payment order for Windows 8 on my PayPal,” one affected user wrote.

Contacting the Redmond-based technology company solves the problem in some cases, while others have pointed out that waiting for a few days until Microsoft processes the payment is enough.

There are certain cases, however, when users can’t get their money back or receive the Windows 8 license, despite contacting Microsoft.

“I've already tried all of this. I've called the number three times, spoken to three different reps, three different supervisors, and gotten 5 different answers. Whatever it is they are supposed to be doing, they aren't. Only one person I've spoken to seemed to know about this and said I would be refund within two days. It's now been more than a week. The Windows Facebook team linked me to this page. Too bad it's nothing but the same non-solutions I've tried already,” user Caroofikus explained.

Microsoft is yet to issue a statement on the matter, but we’ve already contacted the company, so we’ll get back to you as soon as we receive an answer.

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