PayPal Cyberattack Case: Judge Orders Jury Not to Listen to Radio Program

The jurors are not allowed to listen to BBC Radio 4 at 8PM

Last week we learned of the trial against four individuals suspected of participating in the cyberattacks launched by Anonymous hacktivists against PayPal back in 2010, when the company decided to stop providing service to WikiLeaks.

While three of the defendants pleaded guilty to the charges brought against them, the last suspect – 22-year-old Christopher Weatherhead – is denying the accusations.

The judge that oversees the case has ordered jurors not to listen to BBC Radio 4 tonight at 8 o’clock because the matters discussed on the program might be directly or indirectly associated with the case, the Northampton Chronicle informs.

“I don’t know what is going to happen in the course of the programme but it may touch upon matters which are in the background of this case,” Judge Peter Testar told the jurors.

PayPal claims that the cyberattacks cost the company £3.5 Million ($5.5 million / 4.3 million EUR).

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