“Pawn Stars” Fined for Trashing Campsite

Rick and Corey Harrison, friends, fined $1,000 (€773) each for leaving garbage behind

Rick and Corey Harrison, stars of the reality show “Pawn Stars,” and the friends they spent Thanksgiving with, were fined for trashing a state campsite in California. Despite the Harrisons’ best efforts, the fine was not negotiable.

The incident occurred during that holiday weekend, but it’s just now that it’s made its way online. It doesn’t paint the reality stars in too positive a light.

According to TMZ, cops knew that it was the Harrisons who were camping on the campsite because of a previous incident.

Nevertheless, that did not stop them from leaving lots of garbage behind, enough to fill ten garbage bags, including a barbecue grill.

“Rick and Corey Harrison – a.k.a. the pawn shop boss and his son – went camping in Glamis, CA over Thanksgiving weekend with some friends… problem is, we're told they left the place a mess,” TMZ writes.

“Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, cops discovered A TON of trash where the History Channel stars camped out, specifically beer cans, garbage and a bbq grill, enough to fill up 10 TRASH BAGS,” adds the same media outlet.

TMZ also has photos of the mess left behind by the Harrisons and, indeed, there was a lot of trash.

“Dumping trash in the campgrounds is illegal and NOT taken lightly... in fact, we're told law enforcement slapped the guys with a huge fine, to the tune of $1,000 [€773] a person,” TMZ writes.

As rumors and jokes are starting to make the rounds that the Harrisons tried to negotiate their way out of the fine, Corey Harrison says in a statement to the aforementioned media outlet that they were not even directly involved in the post-Thanksgiving mess.

“We left the campground before our buddies did and they were to clean it up and apparently didn't follow through. My father nor I were cited,” Corey says.

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