Paula Deen’s Marriage Is on the Rocks Because of Affair, Allegedly

Tab claims Michael Groover has been keeping a mistress for some time now

As if Paula Deen hasn’t been through enough already, what with all the recent racist accusations that took a big chunk out of her business empire, here comes a report that her marriage to Michael Groover is on the rocks, because she found out he’d been cheating on her.

The story comes from The National Enquirer, which claims to have it on very good authority that the celebrity chef is determined to get a divorce and make Michael pay through his nose for breaking her heart by cheating.

“[The marriage is] reportedly on the rocks after she confronted her husband of nine years about his alleged cheating,” the tab writes. Since then, she’s been on a “warpath.”

“She had an explosive argument with Michael that ended with him storming out of the house,” the insider says for the tab. Apparently, Paula hasn’t allowed Michael in the house afterwards, so the implication is that he’s been living with his lover in Georgia.

She “entertained her lover [Michael] once a week for more than a year at her Wilmington Island home [in Georgia], and on occasion they went out for drinks. It was no secret they were having an affair,” the unnamed tipster claims.

Meanwhile, Paula is weighing her options but she’ll most likely file for divorce, the tab argues.

Neither Paula nor Michael has issued a statement on the damning report yet, but insiders close to the couple tell Entertainment Tonight that there isn’t an ounce of truth to the story, and that they’re still together and very much in love.

As noted above, Deen has had a very rough few months, after word got out that she once referred to a third party by the N-word. Though the incident happened years before, Deen was accused of racism and more accounts seemingly proving that started to emerge online.

The celebrity chef issued denial after denial and countless apologies, but they failed to work and she lost several, highly lucrative endorsements in the scandal.

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