Paula Deen Was Drunk on The Today Show – Video

Weird behavior on the show gets people online talking about whether she was intoxicated

Paula Deen and her son were on The Today Show in Miami to do a cooking segment. Instead, she danced the salsa, had people smelling her hands and acted in such a way as to get people wondering whether she was drunk.

Above is a video (of very poor quality) of Paula acting a bit out of sorts. It’s precisely of those things she did that some believe she wouldn’t have done otherwise, had she not drunk alcohol.

As the show continued, people on Twitter seemed more convinced that she was, in fact, intoxicated.

Contacted for comment, a rep tells TMZ that the allegation is ridiculous, if only for the reason that Mrs. Deen doesn’t like alcohol.

At the same time, Paula herself insists that the mojito she sipped on was virgin – not that any of this can convince those who think she simply got inebriated.

What do you think?

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