Paula Deen Shows Off Slimmer Figure on People Cover

Food Network star says she’s learning to eat healthily – and it shows

Almost half a year ago, Food Network star Paula Deen announced that she'd been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, which would require her to ditch some of the food habits she'd acquired throughout the years. The results of her new diet are already very obvious.

The 65-year-old star is featured on the cover of this week's issue of People magazine and you can see, without even trying too hard, that she's lost a lot of weight.

In the accompanying interview, Deen is playing it cool, saying she'd only dropped about 30 pounds (13.6 kg), and she's in no rush to shed all the weight she'd been packing for so many years.

Instead, she's devised a new plan / strategy that is bound to get her to top shape in the healthiest manner possible.

The idea is not to go on a diet but to learn to eat healthily and, at the same time, to think differently about food.

She's one foot through the door.

“I do think differently now about food. I'm more aware,” she tells People.

In the months that have gone since she went public with the diabetes diagnosis, Deen has replaced one of her favorite foods, mashed potatoes, with Greek salads and fish, which both satisfy her cravings and appetite, and are healthy.

Even so, Deen is realistic about her goals: she knows she can't lose weight overnight – and keep it off.

“It took me a couple of years to get to this point. If you make a few small changes, they can add up to big results,” she says for the publication.

Those with a fondness for gossip will know that Deen was harshly criticized when she announced she had diabetes – not because she had it, but because she'd known about it for 3 years and did not say anything, thus deceiving her core audience.

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