Paula Abdul Reunites with MC Skat Cat on DWTS All-Stars – Video

A dream sequence and one of the boldest performances on the show

You have to love Paula Abdul: when she dreams, she dreams big. Paula put together one of the most amazing numbers ever on Dancing with the Stars for last night’s results show on the All-Stars edition.

Check it out above.

Of course, if you’re older than 25, you need no explanation to properly enjoy the video. If you’re not, then here goes: it’s a combination of Paula’s greatest hits, combining elements from the videos, which were groundbreaking at the time.

MC Skat Cat of “Opposites Attract” was also included, in what can’t but be a wonderful surprise for fans.

The routine included plenty of screens, projectors and optical illusions (and dancers) in what Paula herself described as “dream sequence.” She failed to say how totally amazing it would be.


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