Paul Walker's Former Partner Plagued by Alcoholism

Rebecca Soteros, Meadow's mother, is said to be battling alcohol addiction

When Paul Walker's will came out earlier this week, it didn't shock anyone that he had left his entire estate to his daughter, Meadow Rain. What did come as a shock however, was the fact that Paul had named his mother, Cheryl, as guardian of the estate until Meadow reaches legal age.

It was considered strange that the will would leave out Soteros altogether. Paul's father, Paul Sr., is named as executor in the will and he has already filed a request to get his wife in the position of guardian of the estate as soon as possible.

The reason behind all these decisions might be, as TMZ found out, that Rebecca Soteros is suffering from problems related to alcohol abuse. They claim that she was arrested for DUI on several occasions, the latest taking place last year, in her native Hawaii.

This is also the reason why Meadow had been living with her father since she called him back in 2011 and begged him to take her away. The father happily obliged at the time, since he was aware of Rebecca's problem.

After his tragic death in November of last year, Meadow has been living with her grandparents, Cheryl and Paul, instead of going back home to her mother in Hawaii. This all points to the fact that Rebecca is having serious issues which are keeping her daughter well away from her.

Rebecca is said to agree to her daughter living in California with her grandparents, but it's likely that she will try to challenge Paul's will in an attempt to get control of the money.

She hasn't so far challenged the father's wish to make the grandmother Meadow's legal guardian as well as a trustee of her million-dollar estate.

Paul Walker died last year in November in a violent car crash that also killed friend and business partner Roger Rodas. Walker was best known for his recurring role in the “Fast & Furious” franchise and for his passion for racing and cars.

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