Patch Tuesday Breaks Down Windows Update

Several users are reporting Windows Update issues on Windows RT

Microsoft released the first Patch Tuesday updates of the year last week, trying to solve bugs and vulnerabilities on every single Windows version currently on the market, including the one installed on tablets.

Windows RT has also been patched, but according to some users, the recently released fixes actually did more harm than good.

A post on Microsoft’s community forums reveals that some of the Patch Tuesday fixes aimed at Windows RT broke down Windows Update, so users are no longer able to get new fixes.

“After applying the patches this Tuesday my Surface RT will not connect to Windows Update. It gets stuck on the progress circle after selecting Windows Update from PC Settings and the circle eventually stops. I can confirm this behavior on 2 of our 3 Surfaces but have not checked the 3rd yet,” one of the users said.

“I have had the same issue - both routes to update do not work, with the desktop route actually being the least responsive. Tried restarting etc. but that has unfortunately had no effect,” another one confirmed.

A similar issue is affecting our Surface RT tablets too, as Windows Update no longer seems to work, while the Windows Store doesn’t load at all. Updating apps on Windows RT is impossible right now, and so is installing or updating existing apps.

Windows RT received a total of three important updates last week, with one of the fixes supposed to repair a bug that caused the sound to be distorted on Surface RT whenever the device resumed from standby. No issue for the Wi-Fi bug was included in the patch cycle.

Microsoft is yet to release a statement on the matter, but we’ve contacted the company on this and we will update this article when and if we get a reply.

Update 1: Microsoft is now investigating the issue, so more information is expected to be released soon.

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