Password Security: Russians Most Cautious, Mexicans Least Concerned – Infographic

Kaspersky Lab has made an interesting study called "People and Passwords"

Security solutions provider Kaspersky Lab has compiled an infographic called “People and Passwords” based on the answers provided by 11,000 Facebook users from 33 countries and regions.

The results show that when it comes to being security savvy, Russians top the chart with only 12% of internauts using the same password for multiple accounts. On the other end of the poll, we have Mexicans with 26% of them using a single passphrase on all websites.

In the US, most people (49%) use between 2 and 4 passwords, 23% use one, and 10% utilize between 5 and 8 passphrases.

So how do users store their passwords?

71% memorize them, 23% write them down on paper, 13% store them on the computer, 12% on their phones, 9% on a sticker placed on the monitor, and 7% use dedicated applications.

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